Does anyone know how to lớn highlight the current file in the project navigator, or a hotkey lớn expand folders to the active file?

I have sầu looked around & couldn"t find anything that points to this as an option.

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Here is a nice feature: Autoscroll lớn Source and Autoscroll from Source.

It is available in all IntelliJ products .




On Demand

Should be used if you bởi not like when your Project View panel gets changed/moves without your consent.

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Navigate | Select in... | Project View

Alt+F1, 1 for Windows/Linux

⌥+F1, 1 (or fn+⌥ Opt+F1, 1) for Mac OS

You may also cliông chồng on "target like" inhỏ on actual Project View panel with your mouse:


If you wish khổng lồ use shorter/single shortcut instead of standard 2-step shortcut:

install "Extra Actions" pluginassign custom shortcut lớn newly provided "Select in Project" action

As of some 2017.x version (or maybe even năm 2016.x) the IDE has own dedicated Select in Project View action (so no need for additional plugin). You can find it in Keymaps under the Other branch (hint: use search box to lớn narrow the list).


Can be used if you vì not mind (or even want) to have Project View panel keep focused on currently edited file (so it scrolls/moves up & down/expands when needed).

NOTE: with frequently switching between the files (e.g. CSS & HTML) when you have sầu a lot of files in your project such "scrolling" may become quite annoying pretty fast (especially if such files are located in the invisible-right-now part of the project tree).

Activate Autoscroll from Source option in Project View panel (right clichồng on tool window header bar/title or use menu under "gear" icon):


In modern versions (20trăng tròn.3 và newer) that option was renamed & is now called Always Select Opened File: