Cái võng tiếng anh là gì

There is often a wooden platkhung between the stilts where food is prepared and where hammocks are slung, although people sleep mostly upstairs on mats.

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The fibrous ring may be an isolated lesion, but more frequently is associated with a parachute or hammock valve.
A large wind-chime hammock sculpture was suspended from a woven canoe-like roof structure lashed to the pier"s kết thúc.
In addition to lớn cloth production, we consider the importance of spinning thread for fishnets & hammocks.
The hammock valve is the most difficult anomaly to correct due to the quantity of muscle that is found beneath the leaflets.
For a hammock valve, fenestrations are created in the muscular bar which lies underneath the leaflet tissue.
Decision-making in the complex situation of severe restricted motion of the leaflets, or for the hammock valve, must be based on the experience of the surgeon.
Each rating is provided with a hammock billet and a seat at table, & adequate washing & sanitary accommodation is provided.
Some people stayed up all night in hammocks to get inside first and as soon as the cloông xã struông xã, they became chairmen for that meeting.
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to separate liquid food from solid food, especially by pouring it through a utensil with small holes in it

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