Compound Words Là Gì

Sarimãng cầu, Sarimãng cầu (2019)Compound Words in the Mark Walden"s Novel "Earthfall Retribution". Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.


This research discussed about the word formation of compounding words which aimed khổng lồ describe the types of compound words và the function of compound words in the Mark Walden"s novel "Earthfall Retribution". The researcher applied qualitative sầu method in order khổng lồ analyze the types of compound words. This researcher based on Bauer"s theory combined with the Langan"s theory about the function of compound words in sentence. The data were analyzed using descriptive qualitative sầu method. The researcher used note taking to get the valid data. The finding revealed that were five sầu types of compound words in this novel, they were compound nouns, compound verb, compound adjective sầu, compound adverb, và other from classes. Moreover, the researcher also identified the function of compound words, they were as object (mostly used), adverb, subject, và predicate. The researcher concluded that, the compound noun mostly formed through noun+noun. Therefore this retìm kiếm mostly appeared compound noun which showed many pattern especially in noun+noun in the Mark Walden"s novel "Earthfall Retribution".


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