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In either case, at the conclusion of the process the audience applauds, the performers (if there were any) bow, & everytoàn thân exits.

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Probably unknown khổng lồ the arrangers, adjustments in subtle nuances (bowing, articulation, timbre) appropriate for string writing were made by the veteran string musicians.
The haptic feedbachồng of elasticity is mapped to the corresponding servomotor for vertical motion, simulating the resilience of a bow pushing inlớn a violin string.
His sonatas show great concern with virtuosity of the bow, alternating sequential patterns with the articulation of ornaments.
The brightness of the bowed-string timbre produced by the physical mã sản phẩm varies with the speed of the virtual bow.
There is no single control; rather a combination of inputs such as bow-tốc độ, bow pressure, choice of string and even finger position.
Afterward he sees his favorite dancer wiping sweat from her face as she receives his complements with cool bows.
To first order with respect to the slenderness parameter, the near-field flow appears to lớn be two-dimensional in each transverse plane along the bow.
Seemingly paralysed và unprepared, the regency bowed to the inevitable dismissal, and were spared any reprisals.
Likewise, the software maps the data from the encoder that senses vertical motion to lớn the bow force parameter of the bowed-string physical model.
The numerical program has been verified by comparing with the analytical results for a thin wedge-shaped bow.

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The simulation leads khổng lồ a fairly good prediction of the bow wave height, but the longitudinal position at which the maximum occurs is over-estimated.
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khổng lồ separate liquid food from solid food, especially by pouring it through a utensil with small holes in it

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