Would You Mind If I + Verb In The Past

We use would you mind khổng lồ ask for something in a polite way. (Slightly politer than vì you mind)Also See: Would You Mind ExerciseWould You Mind Exercise 2Do You MindWould vs Do You Mind ExerciseWould Rather & Would Prefer

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The Usage Of Would You Mind

1st Usage: If + somebody toàn thân + did + something
Note: When we talk about the Present or the Past, we use Past tense following the subject.Would you mind If I used your phone now?Would you mind If I borrowed your car tonight?Attention!We may sometimes get confused by the subject. So pay attention to these two sentences.Would you mind If I opened the window? (Shall I open the window) Would you mind If you opened the window? (Can you please open the window) Note: In the first one the person himself wants to bởi vì something and asks for the other"s permission. However in the second one the person requests something from the other one khổng lồ do. 2nd Usage: When we don"t mention the subject we may just use Verb + ingWould you mind taking this book baông chồng for me?Would you mind sending that mail for me? 3rd Usage: Somebody"s + Verb + ing Would you mind John"s staying here with us?Would you mind My sister"s coming with us khổng lồ the picnic?Attention when responding khổng lồ "would you mind":Positive Response:No, not at all.Of course not.No, go on please.Negative sầu response:Yes, I would.
Print exercises and lessons:Hint: For exercises, you can reveal the answers first ("Submit Worksheet") & print the page khổng lồ have sầu the exercise và the answers.


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