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AutoCAD 2008 is CAD designing tool used in thiết kế building và architectural engineering. It is one of the general tool utilized in the world by engineers and modelers.

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AutoCAD 2008 Overview

AutoCAD, produced via Autodesk is a hàng hóa application for 2D và 3D designs & drafting. Autodesk, the pioneer in kiến thiết and drafting, is releasing the AutoCAD versions on a relatively yearly basis. The version under đánh giá is AutoCAD 2008 Download ISO which has created of loads of improvements which were absent in the former versions & made the activity simple for every one of the engineers và designers for creating distinctive illustrations and drawings.

The consideration of these new features has made use of AutoCAD more simple, flexible, profitable and efficient.

AutoCAD 2008has created another board which has included many thiết kế tools this panel is known as a dashboard. Dashboard includes many tools which are helpful for making & altering diverse designing.


Making a pyramid-shaped object was never simple before the cad 2007 version. AutoCAD 2008 gives you the privilege lớn make such complex object effortlessly you should simply khổng lồ give sầu a recently added PYRAMID commvà. With this command, making pyramid is as simple as making a polygon. All you have to lớn vị is khổng lồ give sầu some basic characteristics of pyramid-lượt thích number side’s top & base range & additionally height.

Creating a helical shape is a hell of a job & every one of the engineers and in addition, designers know that it is so hard lớn handle these objects. AutoCAD 2008 is there again to help you & can spare your day. Helical shapes can be made easily by simply showing some basic properties of helix like height, a number of turns top/base radii và so on.

You must have sầu experienced or known about turning a camera on a tripod. AutoCAD 2010 ISO is offering you khổng lồ glance all around in 360 degrees by including another 3DSWIVEL comm&.

On a conclusive note, we can state that AutoCAD 2008is a profitable tool for designing và drafting which saves a lot of user’s time by simplifying lots complexities with the increase of many powerful tools.

Hardware Requirements for AutoCAD 2008:

The hardware requirements for AutoCAD 2008are listed as 2 chiều users và recommended hardware for 3 chiều. 2D clients can use a similar hardware they are using for their present version of AutoCAD. For users that need to lớn begin utilizing the new 3D configuration tools, we are giving the second cấp độ of system suggestions.

As many may know, AutoCAD has could use OpenGL based graphics hardware since AutoCAD 2000. With AutoCAD 2004 we added the ability lớn display texture, materials, & lights on 3 chiều models continuously. These features depkết thúc upon the speed & capacity of both your graphics card và driver for better performance. Most customers don’t have sầu the foggiest idea about this because we have sầu always left OpenGL hardware growing off as a matter of course & left it up lớn customers lớn find it.


Two new features in AutoCAD 2008 help you get your 3 chiều feet wet: the 3 chiều Modeling workspace and the Dashboard.

Before you start making stuff or even start seeing at officially made stuff, it’s important khổng lồ get a firm grip on these two features:

A workspace is a named collection of toolbars & tool palettes that you use for particular procedures. The new 3D modeling workspace loads the Dashboard và changes a portion of the other tool palettes.The Dashboard is a vast, palette-like area at the top right of the screen. It contains various panels that offer access to different parts of working in 3 chiều.

The new 3 chiều visualization & rendering capacities of AutoCAD 2008have sầu increased the framework requirements considerably. The full form of AutoCAD will keep running in 512MB, but if you need khổng lồ work in 3D, Autodesk recommends 2GB of RAM và a video clip thẻ with at least 128MB of its own memory. In case you’re thinking of buying another system, check Autodesk for a report of supported đoạn Clip cards.

When you begin AutoCAD, by default you see a Workspaces dialogue box that asks that whether you need work in the old 2D condition (AutoCAD Classic) or in (3 chiều Modeling).

Snap tracking & Quot:

This is really useful. If i want to put the first point of a new line at 50milimet lớn the right from another, I will touch the endpoint of my line and drag slowly to the right. I wil ltype & quot 50 & quot khổng lồ insert the first point of the new line, so here it is, of course I can do the same lớn other direction. Now i will show you to lớn the left side. This time i will insert the distance of và quot 100 & quot, and I can draw this line here.

One last thing about the & quot object: snap & quot. I recommover you khổng lồ only activate the modes. You are going lớn use in the project because, if you activate everything, this can be a bit confusing, sometimes with the green signs appearing everywhere.

How does the other drawing tools work?:

If you go khổng lồ the drawing section on the top you can find. There are a lot of commands và there are some more if you click here. As this is a tutorial for beginners, I will only show you how to lớn use some of them POLYLINES, RECTANGLES CIRCLES & ARCS.

I think these are the most used & enough for beginners. In AutoCAD, I will show you how to lớn use the commvà và quot POLYLINE và quot. A polyline is basically a group of lines all connected lớn each other to draw a polyline.

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We can cliông chồng in this button or we can also type with the keyboard & quot. Polyline & quot, or simply & quot, pl và quot và cliông chồng & quot enter & quot. As you can see, this is the same process of drawing lines.

AutoCAD Drafting with AutoCAD 2008: Some New Features:

AutoCAD 2008includes a few interesting features of a huge benefit in 3d drafting. Here is a depiction of some of them which have sầu proved especially helpful to our AutoCAD drafting work at The Magnum Group.


This command is valuable in creating many designs which were unrealistic in the previous versions of AutoCAD.


This command performs a similar way like “Extrude Path” yet has its very own features, like you can twist & extrude the object, và you should have sầu an endpoint.


There is another element in the slice commvà you would now be able to try và slice using surfaces


The rendering additionally has a greater number of features than any of the previous versions; you can really get the chance khổng lồ perceive sầu what the object looks lượt thích even before you render the object. This feature is something new khổng lồ AutoCAD. The rendering can be contrasted with that of 3Ds Max, but just to a specific point.


Now you can change your views, there are 2 kinds of actions specifically Parallel & Perspective Projection.


This feature was never accessible in the previous versions of AutoCAD; it gives the designers an additionally preferred advantage. With this element, the creator can move sầu inside the drawings as well as view it at & from any angle. The walkthrough has many intriguing features which would profit the architect. You can also try Oracle 12c Full Version For Database


This command creates a smoothed picture of your 3d picture, this form is like that of Solprof, Solview used in different versions of Cad but it has more options.


With this comm&, you can extrude or intrude and it will be dynamic just when in the options, “when a command is active” is selected.

Convtosolid & Convtosurface:

With these commands, you can change over closed articles with a thickness khổng lồ either solid or surface.


With the help of this comm&, you can convert circles, arcs, rectangular & so on into lớn 3d drawings


With the support of this comm&, you can thicken the surface of the object; it acts simply lượt thích the “extrude” comm& which is utilized for 3 chiều drawings…


With the help of this commvà, you can rotate a 2d object circle or rectangle to any random angle inlớn a 3d object, when contrasted with the previous versions this has more choices.


The U.C.S command has been improved by making it easier for you to lớn giảm giá with.

Highlights of AutoCAD 2008

Here are some features which you will experience after AutoCAD 2008 ISO.

User-friendly interface. Dynamic blocks. Communication made simple. More versatile & beneficial. Introduction of dashboard. New dynamic UCS.

AutoCAD 2008 System Requirements

Ensure that your system meets the minimum system prerequisites.

Operating Systems: Windows XP., 2000, Vista, Windows 7 và 8 Processor: Hãng sản xuất Intel Pentium IV, or perfect RAM: 512MB of RAM Hard Disk Space: 750MB of disk space required

AutoCAD 2008 Free Download

Cliông chồng on below button lớn start AutoCAD 2008. This is a complete offline installer and independent thiết đặt for AutoCAD 2008. This would be perfect with both 64-bit windows.