Youku the same as YouTube and is China"s largest video-sharing site. You can upload, cốt truyện and stream videos on Youku. It hosts popular Youku movies, cartoon và TV shows in full length with license. When watching Youku videos online, you will be frustrates by the annoying ads. Luckily, you can get a YouKu Downloader to lớn download Youku videos for playing offline. To vì chưng this, you can get help from Youku downloader. Here we will show you the best way to download & watch Youku videos offline with ease.

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Part 1. How lớn Download Video from Youku on Mac (Mojave sầu included)

iTube HD Video Downloader is also available) will be the highly recommended Youku video clip downloader. You only need one cliông xã lớn save your favorite videos from Youku or other 10,000+ sites on your Mac (including new macOS Mojave). The fabulous program also integrates with a converting tool, which allows you to convert videos khổng lồ other video or audio format to fit for your devices. Now try it out to lớn find more amazing features.


iTube HD Video Downloader - The Best Downloader to lớn Download Youku Movies và Videos

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One cliông xã tải về videos from Youku, Tudou, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Đài truyền hình BBC News and 10,000+ other sites.Capture any online đoạn Clip with its inbuilt đoạn Clip recorder from any online đoạn Clip sites.Convert videos to lớn any video clip và audio format. Support premix for iOS & Android devices.3X faster download videos in high unique. And you have sveral resolution options to choose.Play downloaded Youku videos, delete/add videos khổng lồ your library or organize your videos in several ways.Private Mode lớn tải về videos into lớn a password protected thư mục.

Steps to lớn Download Videos from Youku to Mac

Now see how to lớn tải về Youku đoạn Clip by iTube HD Video Downloader. The detail guides bellow is for your reference (screenshots are taken from Mac version). The way lớn save sầu Youku videos lớn Windows PC is almost the same. Windows users can take the same steps.

Step 1. Run Youku Video Downloader

Clichồng the above sầu big "Free Download" ibé lớn tải về Youku downloader và install it according lớn the thiết lập prompts. When installation completed, this Youku downloader will launch automatically.


Step 2. Download a Youku Video with One Click

mở cửa your browser and navigate lớn the video clip you want to tải về on When you play the đoạn Clip, you will get a "Download" button appeared on the top left corner of the Clip window. Cliông xã it khổng lồ add đoạn phim lớn the tải về queue.


You can also copy the đoạn phim URL and then clichồng the "Paste URL" button in the program"s interface, or directly drag và drop the video clip URL to lớn the program lớn start the download. If you can"t get the "Download" button khổng lồ show in Safari, it is recommended to lớn use Firefox to tải về videos from Youku.


Step 3. Convert Downloaded Youku Video (Optional)

This program also works as a Youku đoạn phim converter. It allows you to lớn convert your downloaded videos into lớn the format that is compatible with your portable device. You will see the "Add khổng lồ Convert List" inhỏ on the right side of each đoạn phim in "Downloaded" tab. Just click this ibé lớn import Clip khổng lồ "Convert" tab.

You will find the selected đoạn phim is on the menu in "Convert" tab, try khổng lồ cliông chồng "Convert" ibé on the right hand of this đoạn phim, you will then be guided lớn the output format interface to lớn complete the conversion process.


Tips: To watch the downloaded videos, you can go khổng lồ the "Downloaded" tab và double clichồng the target video khổng lồ play it with the inbuilt HD media player. Some videos would require you to lớn have sầu a Chinese IPhường. address if these videos are blocked internationally. Also, click the "Download" button after the ads are done to avoid downloading videos with ads (these usually last for 10 seconds).

Video Tutorial on How khổng lồ Download Youku Videos on Mac

If you are Windows users, iTube HD Video Downloader for Windows is the best Youku downloader for PC. With it, you will get a built-in browser, which can help you lớn access Youku videos directly. And you can get Youku download for PC by clicking the Download button or simply copying the video clip URL.

Steps khổng lồ Download Youku Videos khổng lồ PC

Step 1. Launch Youku Downloader for Windows

Download & install the program with the help of on screen prompts. When you finish installing the Youku downloader, it will run automatically on your PC.


Step 2. Download Youku Video in One Click

Now open the "Online" tab và go to in the built-in browser và find your lovely videos. When you play the video, you will see a "Download" button on the Clip window. Just cliông chồng it lớn tải về Youku. Another simple way lớn tải về Youku videos is to lớn drag và drop the Youku Clip URL to the program dochồng. The video will be downloaded.


Step 3. Convert Youku Videos lớn Any Format

If you want to lớn convert Youku videos to other format, first go lớn "Download" menu > "Downloaded" tab & cliông chồng "Add khổng lồ Convert List" inhỏ to lớn add the Clip lớn the "Convert" tab.

And open the "Convert" tab, và then find the đoạn phim you want khổng lồ convert to other format, click the "Convert" inhỏ on the right, in the next window, select your desired output format và start the conversion. To watch Youku on iPhone or Android devices, you can directly select the device name as the target output for conversion.

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Optional. Directly Download Youku khổng lồ MP3 High Quality

If you want lớn get Youku to MP3 directly, iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac is the great helper. It can tải về any online video khổng lồ MP3 format in high quality in only 1 cliông xã.


Youku online downloader is a trang web which enables users to download videos online without installing any software on windows or mac devices. This website supports Youku in English. So users can tải về English videos easily. This site supports 200+ major videos sharing sites including YouTube and Youku as well. This site allows you khổng lồ convert downloaded videos in other formats as well in just one cliông xã. It enables you to tải về & convert videos online by selecting output formats.


Enables you to lớn download và convert videos.Site is in English và can download English videos easily.


Can’t tải về uhd videos.Very few sites are supported only 200+ music videos sharing sites.Very less audio and đoạn Clip formats are supported as compare to iTube


Unbloông xã Youku is a không tính phí tool that allows you to access Youku outside China mainl&. To watch Youku on your PC, you can install Unbloông xã Youku on your browser Chrome or Firefox. Below is the detailed guide on how to apply Unblock Youku on PC for accessing Youku outside Trung Quốc.

How khổng lồ Use Unbloông chồng Youku for Chrome

First launch your Chrome browser and go to lớn the "Tools" bar to lớn open the Chrome Web Store. And then tìm kiếm for Unblock Youku from the tìm kiếm box. Select Unblochồng Youku addon và then cliông chồng "Add lớn Chrome" khổng lồ install the addon on your browser. Now you can go khổng lồ Youku & find any videos from Youku outside mainlvà Trung Quốc.


How lớn Use Unbloông xã Youku for Firefox

Go khổng lồ Firefox Add-ons page & search for Unbloông chồng Youku add-on from the search box. Clichồng Download và install the Unbloông chồng Youku add-on on your Firefox browser. The installation is very simple with the on screen instruction. Once done, type on the address bar of your Firefox browser & access any videos you want.


More Tips about Youku Videos You Should Know

Youku is China"s largest video-sharing site, having over 800 million daily video clip viewers and 500 million monthly visitors. Internet users in Đài Loan Trung Quốc have sầu no access to YouTube. Therefore, Youku Tudou steps in lớn offer users the much needed online platkhung đoạn Clip services. The platkhung offers users online tìm kiếm, viewing, và sharing capability of Clip content. Popular contents available on Youku for users include sporting events, movies, and television shows. Also, there are other user generated contents. Youku offers its users exceptional advertising experience, numerous advertisement options, and online viewing analytics.

How lớn Get Youku in English:

You can use Google Chrome to translate the Youku page lớn English by right-clicking the mouse on any part of the webpage & clicking the "Translate khổng lồ English" option. If you"re using Firefox, you can find the translation option on the top of the page. Alternatively, you can go to lớn the Google Translate website to translate the Youku page for you.

Note: Youku và Tudou, the two famous video-sharing websites in China, had merged in 2012 và become Youku Tudou Inc.


Advertising as Youku user

You have the capability of enjoying multiscreen advertising, brand advertising, và br& advertising, as a Youku user. Multiscreen advertising allows companies to engage their customers by increasing their online presence. The thiết bị di động advertisement has become a leading size of advertisement by firms. But that is not all. Youku allows users khổng lồ advertise their brands và reach a greater pool of potential customers.

Online Viewing Analytics

The online viewing analytic tool allows individuals/firms/organizations khổng lồ have an in-depth understanding of their audience. Firms can accurately determine their users" geographical location, demographics, browsing language and công nghệ.

Numerous Advertisement Options

Youku displays advertisements in many ways like text liên kết, animated, và static. Common Ad display options include mid-roll, pre-roll, & post-roll options. The cost of an advertisement depends on how và where the Ad is located.

YouTube Vs Youku

The differences which exist between YouTube and Youku Tudou are due khổng lồ varied cultural differences and business models. These include;

Content: Most contents on YouTube are user generated, unlike in Youku. Youku focusses on TVs, movies, và films, while YouTube focusses on shorter videos.

Audience: YouTube is popular in almost all countries, which allow its use. On the other hand, Youku is more aligned towards Chinese people.

Business Model: Youku is more static, while YouTube is more animated. For example, you are more likely to see a 30 seconds advertisement before seeing any Clip.