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This was Anne Murray"s choice for a follow-up single to her hit "Snowbird" in 1970, but Capitol Records thought it was too religious, and that she sounded too masculine.

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Gene MacLellan Songwriter
The road lớn success is not always easy. In 1970, Gene MacLellan was performing with the popular rock b& Little Ceasar & the Consults. MacLellan however wanted more. In an uncharacteristically brave sầu move, MacLellan went to lớn the home page of Don Messner, hoping lớn impress hyên with a tuy nhiên. The strategy worked & MacLellan became a regular on CBC Halifax’s “Singalong Jubilee”. It was on this show that MacLellan met a young singer by the name of Anne Murray and his professional songwriting career began.

Put Your Hand in the Hand was originally written for Anne Murray but was not released as a single. It wasn’t until the group Ocean released the tuy nhiên as their first single that it became a hit. The single skyrocketed to #2 on the Billboard Charts with the album reaching #1 in Canadomain authority & #2 in the USA, selling over 2 million copies.

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MacLellan used the publithành phố gained from Ocean to lớn release three of his own LPs, all of which enjoyed modest success. MacLellan, however, did not enjoy the public spotlight and retreated from the music scene, returning in the 80’s to lớn persize at churches và penitentiaries throughout Canadomain authority.

Considered by many khổng lồ be the unsung nhân vật of Canadian music, McLellan received PRO Canada’s William Harold Moon Award for international achievement in 1987. He was posthumously inducted inlớn the Canadian Country Music Associations Hall of Honour in 1995 & awarded the East Coast Music Association’s Helen Cheighton Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996. Put Your Hand in the Hvà was declared a Canadian classic by SOCAN and is a standard in any gospel repertoire, having been recorded in 25 countries by over 100 different artists.

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