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Ilgamos CEO Geza Kapitany has informed investors that their ilcoin wallets have sầu been frozen.

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The stated reason for the freeze is an attempted hostile takeover by the ilcoin developers.

Ilgamos launched baông chồng in năm ngoái with Otruyền bá Ponzi points and ilcoin.

Olăng xê was soon dispensed with to focus on ilcoin. Five sầu years later ilcoin is just as pointless as it was when Ilgamos launched. It’s public trading value has steadily dropped this year from just over 4 cents khổng lồ around 2.7 cents.

Since inception, Ilgamos has maintained ilcoin was being developed by a separate entity. This is despite ilcoin serving no purpose outside of Ilgamos itself.

Personally I’ve sầu just gone with Ilgamos == ilcoin, seeing as ilcoin devs worked for Ilgamos itself.

In an email sent out to Ilgamos investors on May 10th, CEO Geza Kapitany (right) advised;

the ILCoin Development Team blocks the ILCoin wallets, restricting ILGAMOS to lớn send their ILCoins to their partners.

We are facing the fact that ILCoin Development Team resctricts the legal và lawful operation of it’s parent company & its principal, ILGAMOS.

By restricting the không tính phí movement và use of ILCoin – which are owned by our company and thousands of people – the ILCoins have actually been taken hostage by the ILCoin Development Team.

With this step, the ILCoin Development Team tries to blackmail the entire ILCoin ecosystem, including Ilgamos International Ltd.

Kapitany went on lớn state Ilgamos “is about to resolve sầu the issue”, which appears lớn revolve around charges against the ilcoin development team.

ILGAMOS delegated an investigation group of Hungarian-Austrian and German experts, to lớn bring a charge against the contract partner of ILGAMOS, the leader of the IlCoin Development Team, “Batmin”, i.e. DANIEL GYENES by birth, & his partner NORBERT GOFFA at the Hungarian & Austrian authorities.

I am confident that the system will be restored fast as a result of swift regulatory action.

Assuming that’s not just straight up bullshit, maybe Hungarian and Austrian authorities could also look into lớn Ilgamos operating as a Ponzi scheme itself.

Pending resolution, Ilgamos suspended new investment và withdrawals.

In a followup email sent on July 9th, Kapitany lashed out at “malicious và incompetent persons”, who he claims “published false allegations và misleading information about Ilgamos International Ltd. và me”.

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Kapitany doesn’t go inkhổng lồ details but did allege ilcoin developers were holding wallets for ransom.

The persons who performed the illegal blocking, have sầu informed me through my lawyer that they would only make the unblocking procedure, if I paid them 2200 Bitcoin (ứng dụng. 18.000.000 €) và handed over the company lớn them for free.
Otherwise they made sure that I would be reported to lớn the police in many countries in the world, they have sầu published several invitations for this purpose on their Telegram channel.

Kapitany claims he refused, prompting the ilcoin devs to lớn try

to lớn turn thousands of people against me in letters with untrue nội dung, saying „ask Ilgamos for what is yours”, while they have been sitting on all of it as of today and ruining everything around them, destroying the hard work builded nearly for a decade.

As of July 9th, the date of Kapitany’s second gmail, “Ilgamos does not have access lớn the company’s own ILCoins”.

Whether that status has changed over the past month is unclear.


Kapitany states he & Ilgamos are pursing the matter with “law enforcement authorities”.

We had a nearly 1 month-long investigation which enlightened a lot of things.

In case of criminal denunciation, it is very important that – in the interest of the investigation – information must not be given about the case.

I think it goes the same from Vietnam to lớn Kazakhsrã as well in case of proceedings insituted by public authorities.

This was the reason that I was not able to insize You for a long time even though I wanted khổng lồ do it so much earlier.

As a result of the dispute between the parties, Kapitany appears to have dropped the facade that ilcoin is separate from Ilgamos.

A group, named ILCoin Development Team is always included in the misleading & false communication.

There is no organisation with the name of such legal personality, & Ilgamos International Ltd. does not have any legal relationships with such named organisation.

The already mined and not yet been transferred ILCoins are Ilgamos International Ltd.’s own, exclusive sầu property. Nobody else has legal right over them.

I will inform You about the criminal procedure. I am the only person who is allowed legally khổng lồ speak on behalf of Ilgamos International Ltd!

To summarize;

ilcoin scammers want control of Ilgamos because ilcoin is worthless outside of ilgamos; andIlgamos wants control of ilcoin, because without ilcoin Geza Kapitany can’t run his Ponzi scheme.