In A Habit Of Or In The Habit Of

1     n-var  A habit is something that you vày often or regularly.  oft N of -ing  He has an endearing habit of licking his lips when he"s nervous..., Many people add salt khổng lồ their food out of habit, without even tasting it first., ...a survey on eating habits in the UK.   

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2     n-count 
A habit is an action which is considered bad that someone does repeatedly and finds it difficult to stop doing.  oft N of -ing  A good way lớn break the habit of eating too quickly is khổng lồ put your knife & fork down after each mouthful..., After twenty years as a chain smoker Mr Nathe has given up the habit.   
3     n-count 
A drug habit is an addiction khổng lồ a drug such as heroin or cocaine.  supp N  She became a prostitute in order khổng lồ pay for her cocaine habit.   
4     n-count 
A habit is a piece of clothing shaped lượt thích a long loose dress, which a nun or monk wears. 
5   If you say that someone is a creature of habit, you mean that they usually vị the same thing at the same time each day, rather than doing new và different things. ♦ creature of habit 
  phrase  creature inflects, usu v-liên kết PHR 
6   If you are in the habit of doing something, you vì it regularly or often. If you getinlớn the habit of doing something, you begin lớn vì chưng it regularly or often. ♦ in the habit of/into lớn the habit of    phrase  v-liên kết PHR -ing  They were in the habit of giving two or three dinner parties a month..., I got inlớn the habit of calling in on Gloria on my way trang chính from work.   
7   If you make a habit of doing something, you do it regularly or often. ♦ make a habit of 
  phrase  V inflects, PHR -ing/n  You can phone me at work as long as you don"t make a habit of it.   
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Phrase used when someone has brought all the evidences lớn tư vấn his point of view; "I'm done with explanations"

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be satiated/sated ; you might say 'I'm stuffed lớn the gills' khổng lồ refuse more food meaning that you can't possibly eat any more or as a way of complimenting someone’s cooking because it suggests that the food was so good that you ate more than you meant to lớn.
Jennifer: More potatoes? Adele: Oh, no thank you, Jen! I’m stuffed lớn the gills. What a delicious meal!