Error while running repotools

One of the great things about Windows is that you can get many of your tasks done from the Comm& Prompt on your machine. You just need lớn enter cmd.exe and Windows will run it for you. But occasionally, you might come across errors lượt thích “is not recognized as an internal command”.

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This is actually one of the most comtháng errors you can face with the Commvà Prompt. As the error itself suggests, it couldn’t recognize the tool you were trying lớn use with the Comm& Prompt. There are various reasons why it happens, and also there are multiple ways to get around the “not recognized as an internal or external command” error on your Windows PC.


Comm& Prompt will then recognize the entire path as a single tác phẩm and launch the program appropriately on your machine.Move sầu The File To System32 Folder

By now, you know that when you try to run an executable from the Command Prompt utility, it looks into lớn the System32 folder of your Windows installation và then opens the tệp tin, if it’s available there.

What if you could place your executable file there và then access it from the Command Prompt? You can bởi vì this as long as you have admin access on your computer.

Copy the executable file along with all other files associated with it to the following folder on your computer.C:WindowsSystem32Cthua Commvà Prompt if it was already open & relaunch it.
Enter the name of your executable tệp tin without any path, & you’ll find it launches successfully.

While this method works great và helps you fix the “is not recognized as an internal or external command” error on your computer, you may want khổng lồ use it cautiously.

This is because each time you want to lớn use something from the Commvà Prompt, you’ll need khổng lồ put the appropriate executable in the System32 folder. Eventually, the folder will grow large và you’ll have sầu a large number of files sitting in there.

It also won’t work for executable tools that require installation into a specific directory. You won’t be able to lớn move those into lớn the System32 thư mục since the installation path is defined in the Windows Registry.

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We recommover you only use this solution if you can’t fix the issue using the other methods & as long as the application doesn’t require installation.

Add The Executable File Path To Environment Variables

The most efficient way khổng lồ fix the “is not recognized as an internal command” error is to lớn edit your environment variable và add the appropriate file path there. This is because the Commvà Prompt utility looks at those paths when you enter a commvà, & then opens the file if it finds it in one of those directories.

By adding your file path there, you’re telling Commvà Prompt where a certain executable is located when you want lớn use it by its short-name in a CMD window.

It’s pretty easy to lớn edit your variables & add a new path there.

Launch Control Panel using the Cortana tìm kiếm on your PC.
Clichồng on the option that says System and Security.
Find và click on System on the following screen.
Cliông xã on OK in all other boxes as you cthua trận them.Open a Commvà Prompt window và type the name of the executable file. You’ll see that the tệp tin opens without CMD throwing any errors on your screen.

The “is not recognized as an internal command” error can sometimes be very frustrating, as it won’t let you use a program that you know you’ve installed on your computer.

Using the methods above, you should be able to lớn get rid of this error & run any program from a Comm& Prompt window without any issues. If any of the methods above sầu helped you fix the issue, we’d like khổng lồ know about it in the comments section below.