Isnumber Function

What is =IF() function in Excel?

The =IF() function is a function in Excel that allows one khổng lồ make logical comparisons between a value & what to expect. There can only be two results in an =IF() function, true or false.

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What is =IF(ISNUMBER()) Function in Excel?

ISNUMBER is a logical function in Excel that is used khổng lồ find out if the cell value being referred to has a numerical value or not. It returns values such as TRUE/FALSE và is a simple function with just one parameter.

How to lớn Use =ISNUMBER() Function in Excel?


Value: The “value” parameter can be another function or formula, a cell, or a value that needs to lớn be tested khổng lồ see if it is numeric or not.

True: If the “value” parameter is a number

False: If the “value” parameter is not a number

When ISNUMBER is combined with the IF function, the formula will output any function that you choose khổng lồ supply. For example, we will use the Hotel Acquisition Template from Top Shelf Models to lớn demonstrate.




In this example, the formula in cell B26 of the Hotel Room Breakdown table is doing the following:

First, by using “”, the =IF() formula is telling excel that if cell B41 in the assumptions tab, is blank, then leave sầu cell B26 blank.

If cell B41 is not blank, the “false” part of the first =IF() formula uses a second =IF() to lớn determine what khổng lồ put in cell B26. It takes the following steps to lớn determine what to populate the cell with:

First, the =SEARCH() searches for the word “Blank” in cell B41 of the assumptions tab.

Next, the =ISNUMBER() determines if there is also a number in cell B41 of the assumptions tab.

If cell B41 contains both the word “Blank” và a number, or “Blank 1” for example, the first part of the =IF() formula will be “TRUE.” If the cell does not contain “Blank” it will be “FALSE”.

If “TRUE,” cell B26 will remain blank. If “FALSE,” whatever is written in cell B41 of the assumptions tab, in this case it is “King” will populate inkhổng lồ cell B26.

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How is it Used in the Real Estate world?

Excel Information functions are used lớn get information about the contents in a worksheet like the current row number, whether a cell has an error, the type of value a cell has, etc.

The =IF(ISNUMBER()) function is one of the seven information functions và is used in financial models when dealing with large amounts of data khổng lồ thử nghiệm whether the given results of a formula are a number or not.


The =IF(ISNUMBER()) function in used lớn kiểm tra for errors within existing data in Excel spreadsheets, and does not explicitly compute new data.

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