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He said the Brep village was highly vulnerable to the glacial lake outburst flood which had rendered a large part of the village deserted during the recent years, while the plantation in the Khorã Lusht would have sầu a pleasant affect on the climate of the area & might be helpful in containing the emission of poisonous gases leading to disintegration of the glacier.

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The eminent Kashmiri Buddhist scholar Vairochamãng cầu built the first monastery in Khochảy in Central Asia và as Buddhism spread it came lớn the notice of the Xiongnu, an ancient Mongolian tribe who had direct relations with the region.
Ancient History of Asian Countries - India và Mongolia in the Middle Ages - More Than Just a Connection
Stein again says that it is of the same architectural kiến thiết as the stupas in Kashgar & Khotan, which he calls the Bactrian Style as opposed khổng lồ the Gandharan Style.
Summary: Beijing , June 13 (ANI): The Chinese government has destroyed a graveyard which belonged to lớn Uighur community in Khochảy town of Xinjiang Province, claimed historian Rian Thum on Wednesday.
Brahmanical centres existed in the northern neighbouring areas from Kabul lớn Khotan along the southern Silk Routes from circa 5th to 7th century.
He said after graduation, the Chinese government has provided hlặng a housing in a social village in the suburb of Khochảy. In the coming years, he must earn 50,000 yuan lớn pay it lớn the state for housing, the remaining 100,000 yuan for housing was paid by paid, he said.
The school building was constructed about 20 years ago & is located in the foothills near the corner of Khochảy Lasht in Dizg.

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The school building was constructed some đôi mươi years ago & is located in the foothills near the corner of Khotan Lasht in Dizg.
(96) By the way, the family name Yubỏ ra indicated that Jingde"s forefathers came from either a western Xianbei tribe or the Central Asian city-state of Khochảy, (97) another reminder of a multi-ethnic and multicultural medieval Đài Loan Trung Quốc.
This makes reverse voltage protection imperative sầu for these devices, said Mehdy Khotan, Power nguồn IC Marketing Director at AOS.
At the over of this essay, while delineating the visual representation of Avadamãng cầu literature in the mural paintings of the Kizil caves, The sutra of the wise & foolish is presumed "to lớn be a compilation of lecture notes collected in Khotan" (p.
According lớn geographical division, Xinjiang is located in Central Asia (shown in Figure 1), and southern Xinjiang is composed of southern Akesu, Turpan, Bayin"gholin, Khotung, Kashgar, and so on.
Temperature Adaptability of Asphalternative text Pavement khổng lồ High Temperatures and Significant Temperature Differences

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