Where can I use MathType with Word?With your MathType subscription you can use MathType 7 inthe Word for MacWord for Windows desktop applications. See instructions on this page for that use.

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MathType with macOS Mojave sầu (or later): The first time you use MathType with any Office application on Mojave sầu or later OS versions, you'll see this dialog:

When you see this dialog, you must clichồng OK to lớn authorize the application to lớn launch MathType. If you don't, you won't be able to use MathType with Office. Likewise, when you create your first equation under Mojave sầu or later, you'll see this dialog when you close MathType to insert the equation into the document:

You will see both of these dialogs only once. Clichồng OK. This will enter the equation into lớn the document. If you mistakenly did not allow access, see our Techcảnh báo for the solution steps.
Tip: If you use both Microsoft Word and Google, or if you and/or your employer has converted from Microsoft Office lớn Google, you may be interested in our tip Word document compatibility with Google This tip describes how to
Upload a Word document with MathType equations lớn Google for students and/or colleagues to lớn read but not edit.
Upload a Word document with MathType equations to Google & end up with equations you can edit in MathType for Google.
xuất hiện a Google document, with equations created with MathType for Google, download the document and convert the equations such that they're editable in MathType (i.e., MathType for Word).

MathType adds several commands lớn Microsoft Word that you will find useful when creating and working with documents containing equations. You will find these commands on the MathType tab in Word's Ribbon.

MathType Setup automatically installs MathType's tư vấn for Word, for each version of Word it detects on your computer. However, if you install a new version of Word after you install MathType, the commands will not be available for the new version of Word until you re-install MathType.

If you want khổng lồ remove sầu the MathType commands temporarily from…

Word for Windows, open Word Options (via the Office Button or File tab), then clichồng Add-ins. In the Manage box, cliông xã Templates, and then cliông chồng Go. Unkiểm tra the box next khổng lồ the MathType Commands item. To remove them permanently, quit Word and remove sầu the MathType commands from Word's startup folder.
Word for Mac, open Templates & Add-Ins from the Tools thực đơn. Uncheck the box next khổng lồ the MathType Commands sản phẩm.

Please note: A few of our customers have reported equations being converted inlớn pictures without any warning. This is due to a bug in Word. If this happens, we're not aware of any way khổng lồ recover the equations. Please see our Techlưu ý with more information about this Word bug.

MathType tab in Word

NOT Word 2011 for Mac. Please see the section below for that version.

If MathType has been installed a MathType tab will appear in Word with specific commands and sections.

Insert Equations group


Insert Inline Equation Ctrl+Alt+Q (Windows), Ctrl+Q (Mac)

Opens a new MathType window ready for you to enter an equation. If you have defined equation preferences for new equations (using the Set Equation Preferences command), these settings will be used in the MathType window. Otherwise MathType's current preferences for new equations will be used. The resulting equation is inserted inline, i.e., aligned with the surrounding text.

Insert Display Equation Alt+Q (Windows), ⌥+Q (Mac)

Opens a new MathType window using equation preferences as described above sầu under Insert Inline Equation. The display equation is inserted on a new line & centered between the left và right margins.

To simplify changing the formatting for all of the display equations in a document, a Word style called MTDisplayEquation is created that defines the position of the center tab stop. This means that you can change the alignment of all of the display equations in a document by simply modifying this style.

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Insert Right-Numbered Display Equation Alt+Shift+Q (Windows), ⌥+Shift+Q (Mac)

Similar khổng lồ Insert Display Equation, but also inserts a right-aligned equation number following the equation. The MTDisplayEquation style defines the location of the right margin tab stop.

Insert Left-Numbered Display Equation Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Q (Windows), Ctrl+Shift+Q (Mac)

Similar lớn Insert Display Equation, but also inserts a left-aligned equation number before the equation. The MTDisplayEquation style defines the location of the center tab stop.

xuất hiện Math Input Panel… Ctrl+Shift+M (Windows)

Windows only: (Windows 7 và later) Insert an equation by handwriting it in the Math Input Panel (MIP). When you clichồng the MIP Insert button, the equation will be placed at the insertion point. This commvà is not available in versions of Windows earlier than Windows 7.

Symbols group


The controls in the symbols group contain common mathematical symbols as well as many other symbols & characters for use in the document. For more information about inserting symbols in Word, open Word's help by hovering over Other in the Symbols Group & pressing the F1 key.

Insert Reference

Inserts a reference to an existing equation number. It inserts a copy of the referenced equation number at the insertion point. In addition, if you double-cliông chồng on a reference your document will scroll khổng lồ the referenced equation. When equation numbers are updated, equation references will be updated as well.

Place the insertion point at the place where you wish to lớn insert the reference, and cliông xã this button (the Insert Equation Reference dialog will appear). Next, double-cliông chồng on the equation number you want lớn reference (you may have to lớn scroll the document to lớn find the equation).

Chapters & Sections

Insert Next Section Break: Inserts a section break và numbers it by incrementing the number of the previous section break.
Insert Next Chapter Break: Inserts a chapter break & numbers it by incrementing the number of the previous chapter break.
Browse group

Equation Preferences: This comm& opens the Set Equation Preferences dialog, which allows you khổng lồ specify the equation preferences to be used for new equations you insert inlớn the document.

Format Equations: Opens the Format Equations dialog, which allows you to change the format of the equations in the current selection or the entire document.

Convert Equations: Opens the Convert Equations dialog, which allows you to lớn convert equations in your document lớn a format you specify (including TeX or MathML).

Publish group

Export Equations: Opens the Export Equations dialog, which allows you khổng lồ export the equations in your document inkhổng lồ individual graphics files.

Publish to lớn MathPage: Opens the Publish to MathPage dialog, which allows you khổng lồ export the document as a Web page including MathPage technology khổng lồ handle the equations.

Toggle TeX Alt+ (Windows), ⌥+ (Mac): The Toggle TeX command allows you khổng lồ type Texvc directly inkhổng lồ a Word document and convert it inlớn a MathType equation. Since it's a "toggle", choosing the command again will return the MathType equations to lớn Texvc.