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Mesrine zips in & out of jail, commits crimes when he feels like it (which is often) & dates a series of kittenish prostitutes who liông xã his neông xã or abet his robberies, depending on their affinities.

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Harold T. Bers, an advertising writer và puzzle constructor, devised the internal-clue crossword, in which the theme of the puzzle emerges gradually as successive sầu definitions are solved: filling in "pussyfoot," "caterwaul," "kittenish"—together with an overall title "catalog"—would reveal the feline theme.

Chabrier"s "Ode à la musique", a Prom premiere (better 120 years late than never), drenched us in sweet harmonies of a peculiarly French persuasion while the Labèque sisters, kittenish Katia và demure Marielle, attended lớn the deliciously subversive nature of Poulenc"s Concerkhổng lồ in D for Two Pianos, romping between skittish music hall burlesque & twilit reverie with idiomatic aplomb.

If the post-Winehouse kittenish of Mvula"s voice can sometimes irk with its quirkiness, it never feels lượt thích she"s the primary focus here; as she puts it, "This is really about celebrating music I"ve sầu grown up with playing in my family, and it"s really a communal celebration, not just about me.

Whereas the woman"s voice suggests" — breathy và kittenish — ""Buy this oto & you"ll get me."" In "In a World...," Bell demonstrates the possibilities of vocal acting by also playing two male agents whom we hear on the phone: "I can be an old Jewish fat dude.

For all her kittenish drive sầu, Summer did not follow the Eartha Kitt Mã Sản Phẩm by playing the "other"; she was a blaông chồng American who was merely visiting a playground where they spoke another language).

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