On the left or in the left?

In what preposition should I use when referring lớn a picture / photo mô tả tìm kiếm or a person who"s located in / on one of its sides.

She is in the left side of the picture


She is on the left side of the picture



We normally speak of someone being in a photograph rather than "on". What may change things slightly here is that you are referring to a particular part of the pholớn, the left. We always say "on the left", never "in the left", as that is simply incorrect.

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What you see as the left side of a photograph isn"t technically the left. The person khổng lồ the left in a phokhổng lồ was standing on the right when it was taken! So if you are describing a person"s position in a photograph technically I suppose you should say "on the left of the photo", because you are referring lớn the printed photograph rather than what it depicts.

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