Download Onekey Ghost 14 Full Tiếng Việt Bản Mới Nhất

Onekey Ghost v13.9 is a software that helps Ghost on Windows including Windows XPhường / 7/8 / 8.1 quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

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As you know, to lớn save time while ensuring your Windows is always new as after installation, Ghost computer is the easiest way lớn help you. In the article, Backup & restore Windows with Norton ghost installation right on the hard drive I have introduced previously shared with how lớn use Ghost to lớn backup, install Windows. But then we use Hiren"s Boot disk or use USB Boot to lớn Ghost.

Having khổng lồ reinstall both Windows and the driver will take a minimum of 2 to lớn 3 hours khổng lồ complete your work. Ghost Windows helps you save sầu maximum time by extracting Ghost process only takes about đôi mươi - 30 minutes for once done, your computer will be guaranteed full of functions, drivers like installing completely new.

Why should Onekey Ghost be used?

To use the regular Ghost application , you need to lớn have sầu Hirent Boot disk, either create a USB Boot or install a Boot application from the HDD. These methods we need to lớn Boot inlớn the corresponding device, many of you will feel a bit difficult.

Solution : It is a Ghost application directly from Windows - Onekey Ghost , that is the option of the whole Ghost process from the old version of Win you are using. As long as you have sầu the Ghost version in your computer, run the Onkey Ghost application, and the Ghost process is fully automatic, you only need to lớn wait for the application to lớn run, make sure the device has enough battery, the machine works continuously. profane.

To perform Ghost Windows, users will use Hiren"s BootCD to lớn persize all the processes, & it will be difficult if new computer users or novices will be very hard. Instead, users can use Onekey Ghost v13.9 software to Ghost Windows & extract Ghost when needed in just a few simple clicks.

Onekey Ghost v13.9 is a software that provides users with a quichồng và easy solution khổng lồ Ghost Windows including Windows XP / 7/8 / 8.1 with just a few simple clicks. Not only that, the entire user installation in the C: drive will be encapsulated in a single file with a much smaller capathành phố than the current capathành phố but still contain all the necessary information not lớn give up. omission.

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The functions of Onekey Ghost v13.9

Allows users to backup the entire Windows of one computer to lớn another drive.Automatically restore Windows with the Ghost file restore function available in 1 clickAllows splitting Ghost tệp tin at the beginning of creation to easily move filesThe process of backing up & restoring Windows is fast and safeCompatible & good tư vấn for users of Windows 8 và Windows 8.1

Download Onekey Ghost v13.9

You can tải về Onkey Ghost v13.9 to lớn Ghost Windows XPhường / 7/8 / 8.1 from one of the liên kết below.


User guide for Onekey Ghost v13.9 software

The use of Onekey Ghost software v13.9 to Ghost Windows applied on XPhường / 7/8 / 8.1 is exactly the same and you see the following instructions. Note: The 2 instructions below are completely different and you need khổng lồ look carefully before giving a question. Instructions on how lớn Restore GHO files - This is a Windows recovery process when your computer already has GHO files.

Run the executable file of Onekey Ghost v13.9 & wait a moment for the tool khổng lồ scan và display the existing Ghost (.GHO) files on your computer that you can choose. in GHO WIM ISO ImageFile.


If you have sầu Ghost tệp tin on your computer and OneKey Ghost has listed the exact path of the tệp tin you want lớn recover from the Ghost tệp tin & is about lớn recover, cliông chồng Restore immediately và select. choose drive C: let it recover Windows at this partition. Then check again for accuracy & press Yes then make a sipping coffee cup waiting for the process lớn complete. You will not need khổng lồ perform any gestures because it will vì chưng all for you and you just need khổng lồ wait for the results.

Instructions on how khổng lồ baông chồng up Windows

- This is the process of creating a backup tệp tin with .GHO format for you to use when Restore. Tip: You should install completely new Windows, then install the Driver and some necessary software have been updated so that when creating the Ghost file will be light và completely new so later when you open Ghost again it will run smoother & less time consuming khổng lồ you.

First, you also launch the executable tệp tin of Onkey Ghost v13.9 .exe cộ then tiông xã the Backup option on the interface of the program. Next, proceed khổng lồ mix the storage location for the Ghost file at the GHOST WIM ISO ImageFile line và click Save and then phối. Finally select the C: drive sầu (or the partition containing the Windows installation) & cliông xã the Yes button to lớn start creating the .GHO file


Users can phối advanced settings for their usage from Restore or Backup jobs by using the Advanced button.


Note: Some antivirut software will report Onkey Ghost v13.9 software has virut, you need to lớn adjust the safety chiến thắng or turn off antivirut program before using this software.