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If you want lớn protect your máy tính bảng ipad or iPhone from prying eyes, you need to phối a passcode.It"s a 4- to lớn 6-digit password used to lớn grant access lớn the device, similar to lớn the code you use for an ATM bank thẻ or a debit thẻ.Here"s what you need khổng lồ know about this feature.

How khổng lồ Set a Passcode

iOS devices ask you to lớn choose a passcode during the thiết đặt process, but you can easily skip it. If you don"t mix one up during the initialization process, you can turn the feature on at any time.The passcode also works alongside the cảm ứng ID fingerprint sensor.If you have sầu one for your Máy tính bảng iPad, you can use the cảm biến ID to bypass it và unloông chồng the device.This saves you the time spent typing in your passcode while still protecting it from anyone else.


Scroll down theleft-side menu and select Touch IDPasscode. (If your máy tính bảng iPad doesn"t support cảm ứng ID, this thực đơn nhà cửa will simply be labeled Passcode.)


Select the Turn Passcode On links.This is just under the cảm biến ID Settings. If you don"t have sầu cảm biến ID, it"s at the top of the screen.


iOS will prompt you lớn enter a passcode.It may default khổng lồ four digits, but you can select Passcode Options to lớn choose another type of passcode.You need khổng lồ enter it twice before iOS saves it.

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If someone tries to access your máy tính bảng ipad by guessing your code, the máy tính bảng ipad disables itself for a period of time after a certain number of failed guesses.As long as someone doesn"t know or can"t easily guess your four-digit code, that should be enough to lớn keep people out.


Should You Turn Siri and Notifications Off on the Loông xã Screen?

One important option most people overlook is the ability lớn turn Siriand Notifications off while on the lochồng screen.By default, the Máy tính bảng iPad allows access lớn these features even when the iPad tablet is locked.This means anyone can use Siri without typing in the passcode.And between Siri, Notifications, và the Today screen, a person can view your day"s schedule, mix meetings, phối reminders, and even find out exactly who you are by asking Siri, "Who am I?"

On the other h&, the ability to lớn use Siri without unlocking your ipad can be very nice, as can seeing text messages and other notifications pop up on the screen without unlocking the ipad tablet.

The decision whether or not lớn turn these features off depends on why you want a passcode on your iPad.If it"s to keep your toddler from getting into lớn the device, leaving these features on won"t bởi you any harm.On the other hand, if you receive a lot of sensitive sầu text messages or you want to lớn make sure no one uses the ipad tablet lớn find your personal information, these features should be disabled.

Can You Have Different Passcodes and Restrictions for Your Child's iPad?

The passcode used for unlocking the device & the one used for the parental restriction settings for the Máy tính bảng iPad are separate, so you can have sầu different passcodes for each of these features.This is a very important distinction.Restrictions are used to lớn childproof an Máy tính bảng iPad and can limit (or disable) access khổng lồ the App Store, limit the types of music và movies that can be downloaded, và even loông chồng out the Safari web browser.

When you mix up restrictions, you"re asked for a passcode.It can be different than the one used for the device itself, so your child can loông chồng the device as normal.Unfortunately, the passcode used for restrictions won"t unlock the device unless the two passcodes are the same.So, you cannot use the restrictions passcode as an override to lớn get inkhổng lồ the device.