Justice League: How DC Saved Prometheus From Being a Joke After taking down the Justice League in his debut, Prometheus became a joke, but DC rejuvinated the villain through an infamous Green Arrow story.Bạn vẫn xem: Prometheus dc là ai

Prometheus feature The Justice League has faced off against many fearsome foes over the years, but Prometheus is one of the few villains who managed to best the DC Universe"s premier super-team singlehandedly. While his initial attack on the team was an astounding success, the menacing villain suffered a series of embarrassing defeats that almost made hyên the laughing stochồng of the DC Universe. Despite that, Prometheus rose again as a terrifying villain years later in one of the most infamous Justice League stories ever.Quý khách hàng sẽ xem: Justice League: How Dc Saved Prometheus Dc Là Ai Đang Tại Dưới Prometheus Hood?

Created by Grant Morrison và Arnie Jorgensen in 1998"s New Year"s Evil: Prometheus #1, the masked villain was introduced to be something of an inverse to Batman và Green Lantern. The unnamed antagonist was the son of two notorious serial killers who cut a bloody, murderous path across the United States before being gunned down by the authorities before his eyes.

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Continue scrolling to lớn keep reading Click the button below khổng lồ start this article in quick view. Prometheus feature Start now advertising Traumatized by the experience and swearing revenge against all those that would pursue justice, the boy uses his parents" accumulated ill-gotten wealth from their multiple killing sprees to travel the world & receive sầu masterclass training before discovering a reclusive sầu monastic order within the Himalayas that worships evil itself. Learning that their monastery is secretly built within an alien spaceship with a portal to lớn a pocket dimension, the young man kills the alien cult leader & gains access to the dimension while using his training và the advanced extraterrestrial giải pháp công nghệ khổng lồ create his villainous persomãng cầu as Prometheus.

While the true Prometheus recovered, a replacement villain named Chad Građắm đuối replaced him; Grasay mê had been Prometheus" secret apprentice. Initially presented as the same villain that had antagonized the Justice League, this character was established as a thoroughly incompetent version of the antagonist. After being soundly defeated by Green Arrow, Grayêu thích is approached by Hush but rejected for his embarrassing ineffectiveness, fully reducing this once-intimidating villain khổng lồ a running joke.

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Prometheus feature 1 At the start of James Robinson & Mauro Cascioli"s Justice League: Cry for Justice, the creative team retconned the Prometheus that had appeared following his confrontation with Batman khổng lồ be a new character named Chad Građê mê, who merely the original Prometheus" understudy. Having recovered his physical faculties, the annoyed original Prometheus murdered his one-time protege before turning his full attention to Green Arrow for defeating Građê mê. After maiming Roy Harper, Prometheus phối off a bomb in Star City killing hundreds of civilians -- including Roy"s young daughter. Despite escaping baông xã to his pocket dimension, Green Arrow catches up to the villain and murders hyên while keeping his death a secret from his friends.

Prometheus was introduced as one of the greakiểm tra threats the Justice League had ever known before he was reduced to being a villain who was too pathetic to lớn team up with Hush or stop individual heroes. Sensing the character"s meteoric fall from grace, DC gave sầu Prometheus a last hurrah as Green Arrow"s most personal enemy yet, which caused Oliver Queen lớn cross the moral line and killing hyên ổn as a final send-off lớn the devious, deadly antagonist. But in addition lớn rebuilding his supervillain credentials, this also made him a part of Green Arrow"s rogues" gallery, which likely led khổng lồ his Arrowverse debut.