More security measures put in place at Shanghai"s 2 airports over terrorism fears

What is the meaning of "put in place" in the above context. What can be used instead of "put in place" there.

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More security measures put in place at Shanghai"s 2 airports over terrorism fears

Here "put in place" might mean "to bring inlớn effective sầu action". Thus, Deployed could be a possible substitute for the phrase.

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You could also use were implemented khổng lồ substitute the phrase, as in

More security measures were implemented at Shanghai"s 2 airports over terrorism fears



Put in place means khổng lồ place something, và in this case lớn place more security at the two airports. for more help, refer khổng lồ this liên kết for synonyms(similar words & phrases) & antonyms (words or phrases which mean the opposite.) put in place synonyms


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