Registered Capital Là Gì

Registered Capital means the total amount of equity of the Joint Venture pursuant to Chapter 5 as such equity amount may be adjusted according to lớn the relevant provisions of this Contract và relevant PRC law.

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Registered Capital means the capital of Newteo registered with the applicable administration for industry và commerce for which a Chinese certified public accountant has issued a capital verification report. The registered capital of Newteo shall be RMB 100,000,000, of which the first installment of RMB 30,000,000 shall be contributed by the Shareholders of Newteo upon its formation.
Registered Capital means the term as defined under PRC Laws, which generally refer to equity capitalization of a company.

As disclosed in the announcement of the Company dated15 January 2018, VBill conditionally agreed to grant VBill Options pursuant khổng lồ the VBill Share Option Scheme khổng lồ the three grantees lớn subscribe for up to approximately 12% of the enlarged VBill Registered Capital at the exercise price of RMB12.51 for every RMB1.0 in the enlarged VBill Registered Capital exercisable for a period of 3 years from date when the VBill Share Option Scheme became unconditional.

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Assuming that all the grantees exercise the options in full, the grantees will, in aggregate, own approximately 12% of the enlarged VBill Registered Capital & the Group’s interest in the VBill will be diluted from approximately 80.04% lớn approximately 70.44%, the grant of the VBill Options therefore constituted a connected transaction & a deemed disposal under Chapter 14A of the Listing Rules (“Deemed Disposal”).

On 26 March 2019, 2018 annual general meeting of the Bank considered và approved the Resolution on Non-Integral Share Standardization Plan and Change of Registered Capital of Bank of Guizhou.

On November 3, 2008, upon approval by the CSRC with the Reply on the Approval of Conversion into a Joint Stoông xã Company with Limited Liability & the Change of Registered Capital of Hengtai Securities Limited Liability Company (Zheng Jian Ji Gou Zi <2008> No. 1148) (《關於核准恒泰證券有限責任公司變更為股份有限公司以及變更註冊資本的批覆》(證監機構字<2008>1148號)), Hengtai Securities Limited Liability Company was converted inkhổng lồ a joint stochồng company with limited liability under the name of Hengtai Securities Co., Ltd.

With regard khổng lồ the Equity Transfer Option, the total Transfer Price to be paid by the WFOE or any other entity or individual designated by the WFOE khổng lồ each Company Shareholder at each Exercise of Option by the WFOE shall be the capital contribution mirrored by the corresponding Transferred Equity in the Company Registered Capital.