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Find the education, tools, & resources you need to improve your practice, and keep updated on the lathử nghiệm in clinical research.

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Access to lớn a variety of continuing education resources. Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.* Scientific research grants and fellowships. Educational stipends.* Access to lớn clinical tools and resources.

*Available for some occupations

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Recognized throughout the world for improving the diagnosis and treatment of disease.The KDOQI guidelines have changed practice through its 18 evidence-based guidelines, as well as collaboration through wider policy and education programs to lớn support implementation of guideline recommendations.

Certified Clinical Hemodialysis TechniciansUSA (multiple locations) | Satellite Healthcare (SHC)

Assistant Professor or Associate ProfessorNew Orleans, LA | Louisiana State University Health Science Center School of Medicine

Dialysis Registered NurseCollege Point, NY | Atlantic Dialysis Management Service

eGFR và Race Task Force

NKF & the American Society of Nephrology have convened a Task Force lớn focus on the use of race khổng lồ estimate GFR.



NKF encourages primary care clinicians to lớn screen their patients for disease. Cheông chồng out our tools to lớn assist you in your practice.

April 6 – 10, 2022 | Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA

For over 30 years, SCM has remained the premier CME/CE conference for the health care professional. By improving healthcare teams’ skills, performance, & patient health outcomes, SCM provides a comprehensive educational experience for the interprofessional team.

These councils are the representative sầu bodies for NKF’s membership. They advocate for, and advise on, professional development, research, và policy activities.

Advanced PractitionersRenal NutritionNephrology Social WorkersNephrology Nurses and TechniciansLocal Chapter ResourcesFind information & resources for local CNSW and CRN chapters.Physicians

NKF Education CommitteeThis committee advises on outreach, resource development, and promotion of evidence-based practice recommendations.

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KDOQI Leadership RosterThis group provides overall direction & ongoing guidance khổng lồ the KDOQI initiative sầu.

Scientific Advisory BoardThis board is responsible for directing và advocating for the organization’s major medical programs.

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