Sight diagnostics

Informal. something unusual, surprising, shocking, or distressing: They were a sight after the fight.

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Commerce. presentation of a bill of exchange: a draft payable at two months after sight. a showing of goods, especially gems, held periodically for wholesalers.
an observation taken with a surveying, navigating, or other instrument lớn ascertain an exact position or direction.
any of various mechanical or optical viewing devices, as on a firearm or surveying instrument, for aiding the eye in aiming.
lớn take a sight or observation of (a stake, coastline, etc.), especially with surveying or navigating instruments.

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at sight, immediately upon seeing, especially without referring elsewhere for assurance, further information, etc.: khổng lồ translate something at sight.Commerce. on presentation: a draft payable at sight.
know by sight, to lớn recognize (a person or thing) seen previously: I know hyên ổn by sight, but I know nothing about him.
out of sight, beyond one's range of vision.Informal. beyond reason; exceedingly high: The price is out of sight.Slang. (often used as an interjection) fantastic; marvelous: a ceremony so glamorous it was out of sight.Oh wow! Out of sight!
sight for sore eyes, someone or something whose appearance on the scene is cause for relief or gladness.
before 950; Middle English (noun); Old English sihth (more often gesihth, gesiht; cognate with German Gesicht face; cf. y-), derivative sầu of sēon to see1; see -th1


sight·a·ble, adjectivesighter, nounre·sight, verb (used with object)un·der·sight, noun
Sigatoka, Siggeir, siggo, sigh, sighful, sight, sight bill, sight draft, sighted, sighter, sight gag
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appearance, perception, eye, vision, view, parade, display, scene, spectacle, ken, eyesight, seeing, apprehension, visibility, eyes, afterimage, eyeshot, viewing, apperception, exhibit
any of various devices or instruments used khổng lồ assist the eye in making alignments or directional observations, esp such a device used in aiming a gun
know by sight lớn be familiar with the appearance of without having personal acquaintanceI know Mr Brown by sight but we have sầu never spoken