Sinking Fund Là Gì

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money that a company pays inkhổng lồ an trương mục so that it can pay investors, lenders, etc. the money it owes them:
By paying off a portion of its debt each year with the sinking fund, the company will face a much smaller final bill.
an tài khoản into lớn which all owners of apartments in a building make regular payments for future repairs khổng lồ the building:
There is another kind provision, that for twenty-five sầu years there shall be no compulsory sinking fund.
But that is entirely a different position from what we have here when we are dealing with the statutory sinking fund of a public undertaking.
The only real sinking fund is where you have a surplus of revenue over expenditure out of which public debt can be discharged.
It appears lớn be a matter of doubt whether the local councils may or may not bear the sinking fund charges themselves.
Not only would it be unbalanced but, lớn the degree that it exceeded £224,000,000, we would have sầu what might be called a negative sinking fund.
If this debt continues to lớn pile up & no adequate sinking fund can be established, the situation may become indistinguishable from repudiation.
There are very many concerns which have sầu a rigid sinking fund, but this is simply an invitation lớn slack finance.
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to separate liquid food from solid food, especially by pouring it through a utensil with small holes in it

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