“Six feet under” is a term used in reference to someone or something that has died.And in this case Billie is referencing a past romance.And despite the demise of the romance, she is still unable khổng lồ get over her ex. In fact even when she loses touch with herself, she still remembers hyên. As such, she wonders if the love, with the right kind of nourishment, can be rekindled. However, she acknowledges that if such an attempt were made, it probably wouldn’t “end well”. Indeed she even describes her ex-flame as now being “cold as a knife”.However, at the over of the day, she can’t help but to question if somehow, someway this romance would “bloom again”.

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Many have speculated that the lyrics are inspired by a real heartbreak Billie suffered. However, there’s currently not enough evidence to tư vấn these speculations.


Symbolism used in “Six Feet Under”

Billie Eilish uses the symbolism of a graveyard khổng lồ expound on certain characteristics of the aforementioned romance she was in.First and foremost is that, as symbolized in the title, this relationship is indeed dead, as in she và the addressee of this tune, her former lãng mạn partner, have already broken up.However, again operating on the metaphorical cấp độ, she wonders if the “grave” in which their relationship is buried was “watered by the rain”, would the result be ‘roses blooming’. That is khổng lồ say that she believes, with the right kind of input, that perhaps their relationship can be revived.

Or let’s say that part of her hopes that it would, even though she knows they have sầu their fair nội dung of issues.However, as illustrated in the bridge, there seems little possibility of such actually transpiring. And this is despite how much she may want it lớn, as her ex is depicted as being “cold as a night”.

So all symbolism aside, this is simply a song based on the heartbreak of the singer.She was in a relationship that was tumultuous enough for her to lớn anticipate that if she and her ex were to get back together, once again it would “not kết thúc well”.But despite such, she still has feelings for hlặng & is wishing, as inhoping for a miraclethat the two of them would end up back together.


This tuy nhiên is centered on a dead romance the narrator (Billie) was involved in. And deep in her heart she is hoping it will be revived.

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Quichồng Facts about “Six Feet Under”

The music video to this tune, which was a home-Clip based affair, wasdirected by Billie Eilish.

The song itself was written và produced by her brother, Finneas.

Being released by Interscope Records on 23 June 2016, “Six Feet Under” is the second official single Billie Eilish ever dropped.And at the time she was only14 years old. Her first was “Ocean Eyes“.

“Six Feet Under” has been certified Platinum in Canada. It has also reached Gold status in the US, Mexico and nước Australia.

15 Responses

Zoey says:
March 16, 2019 at 8:03 am

Billie Eilish did not suffer from a heartbreak the tuy vậy is about people in general who are still in love sầu with their ex’s. Billie Eilish has never dated anytoàn thân. The tuy nhiên is for people who are broken up but one is still in love with their ex’s. But this is just my interpretation because as far an I know Billie Eilish has never been in love sầu or even dated anybody. The term six feet under is about Love being buried. And the lyric is ” And your as cold as a night” not a knife.

Adamari says:
May 14, 2019 at 4:13 pm

Zoey you have got it all wrong it does say “cold as a knife” look up the lyrics. You are maybe not a true Billie Eilish fan

Me says:
June 7, 2019 at 1:09 am

Geeee you don’t have to be rude. It’s just a mistake. Maybe it was just a set up, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a real Billie Eilish người. Work on your manners duuuude. Chill