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Iolo System Mechanic Professional 14 Full Crack Free key , System Mechanic Professional 14 32bit/64bit

System Mechanic Professional uses advanced giải pháp công nghệ lớn automatically detect & fix problems on your computer or the setting is changed, ... software will diagnose the errors that may occur with the part Your hard và proactively blocking threats to destabilize the system. In addition, this application also supports finding and removing the software is not really necessary, optimum drive sầu function, increase system tốc độ.

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New Features of System Mechanic Professional version (New Version)- Enhanced performance monitoring systemSystem Mechanic offers many useful features such as cleaning the registry, defragment the computer"s memory, protect your privacy when accessing the Internet, permanently delete the folders, files are stored in the Recycle Bin , defragment the hard drive ...In addition, System Mechanic is also an effective tool in the management of system configuration as management và monitoring processes activities of multiple applications, remove sầu duplicate files take up unnecessary disk space disk, or uninstall the application replaces the feature Add / Remove sầu applet.Key Features of System Mechanic Professional- Clean up the computer system.The program will automatically find và remove sầu more than 50 different types of junk files including junk files, empty folders, duplicate files, obsolete files, installation of obsolete applications, shortcuts, distribution pieces of the application are left after uninstalling ...- Optimized performance of the hard drive sầu.System Mechanic will rearrange the files, optimize and extkết thúc the life of the SSD hard drive, keeping them always active in the state with the highest performance.- Defragment your computer"s memory.Mechanism defragment computer memory built-in System Mechanic Free, will help you lớn sort, clean & memory ********** part trapped in the application process working on the computer.- Manage the process of operation of the application.The program will help you lớn manage all activities of the applications running on the computer, turn off the automatic application startup when the system is not really necessary.- Optimize Windows Startup.

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Using this feature helps eliminate computer startup files, but actually the "shell" of Virus & malware, removing unnecessary startup tệp tin in the system.- Defragment your hard drive sầu.This feature has the ability lớn protect critical data on your hard drive sầu, optimize the operation of the machine as well as the reliability of the drive sầu. You can customize the settings for this status is updated regularly.- Registry Cleaner.The application will help you remove the invalid data and outdated as the hot key combination, invalid fonts, DLLs are not necessary ... cleaning & rearranging Registry. The program will automatically create a backup of the registry before making his work, avoid incidents during work.- Fix any problems occur in the system.System Mechanic has the ability to repair the problem on your hard drive sầu, fix or remove shortcuts that refer to invalid locations.- Ensure privacy.You can use this application khổng lồ protect your privacy, avoid the prying eyes from the others by deleting history, cookies, temporary Internet files, downloaded applications ... in the Web browser, eliminating the conversation on Yahoo chat apps, Skype ..- Delete files permanently.The program will help you permanently delete files, folders stored on the hard drive sầu or in the recyle bin.- And many more features