Surge Là Gì

A tidal surge (= sudden và great rise in the cấp độ of the sea) caused severe flooding in coastal areas.

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The surge in defaults has led lớn charges the mortgage industry engaged in predatory lending practices.
The case is made that radar altimeter data can be used to monitor changes in glacier topography related lớn climate change and surge events.
However, its importance in accounting for the surge in property conflicts under colonial institutions in many other areas is likely small.
From there first arose poisonous kind, spread widely, those which surging now through poisonous breath make spacious the entrance.
The choice of cut-off points in the quarterly analysis is designed to highlight any postelection surge in commvà changes.
The recent surge of interest in harnessing computers for teaching suprasegmentals has lead lớn the development of a number of programmes.
This brings out the uniqueness of many island species, evolving prior to human tương tác, & the recent surge of introduction of humanity"s fellow-travellers.
However, the "pretty horsebreakers" appearing in increasing numbers in parks và public spaces caused a surge of anxiety.
A single peak appeared between weeks 27 & 30 in the year 2000 that mirrored a surge in probable cases.
In the 1990s there was a major surge in interest in extending collaborative sầu government-industry relationships.
Individual frequencies that are mixed together in order to lớn create sonic masses follow reciprocal types of motion, including undulations, surges, swirls, drifts và dips.
With the surge of population and economic activity during the past two generations or so, the environment has come under unprecedented bao tay.
The historical pattern was one of speculative surges of foreign investment in these countries, very quickly followed by mặc định.
The current tài khoản surplus accompanied by the surge in capital inflows in the mid-1990s put too much strain on that strategy.
The impact of this dramatic surge of labor power also had a profound effect on the political process.
The 1890s were a period of devastating drought và epidemic, triggering a surge of raiding khổng lồ reconstitute the herds.
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