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This War of Mine
11 bit studios
1.5.10 b851
All DLC Unlocked
December 7, 20đôi mươi (7 months ago)

When it comes to war-themed games, you’ll probably think of Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty games right away. Act as a soldier, fight the enemy & find a way lớn survive on the battlefield. However, the same topic, 11-bit studtiện ích ios has a more creative sầu perspective và brings a unique game to the audience: This War of Mine. In this game, you will have a fresh, clearer view of the war. You will be embarking inkhổng lồ people, who bởi not even have any weapon, are suffering from the consequences of war. Listen here; you must have enjoyed it, right? I believe that the plot will also instill in you even more meaning!



This War of Mine was built in the đô thị of Sarajevo when the 1992 civil war in Bosnia and Hercegovimãng cầu (Europe) occurred. The city of Sarajevo was unknowingly caught up in this pointless war, attacked và occupied by the military. For years Sarajevo was devastated, and abandoned by the government. They stopped providing reinforcements khổng lồ rescue Sarajevo & stopped providing food, medicine, and everything, causing people to lớn fall inlớn the most frightening situation. Not only must they face the bombs of war, but they must fight disease and hunger… Can they survive under the pressure of the war & lacking necessary pieces of stuff?


Inspired by real-life events

Join in this game, you will turn into innocent people, accidentally become victims of war. They were stuck in the war and had to lớn find a way lớn survive for 90 days và nights until the war ended. In the game, there are many characters that play various roles lớn survive sầu themselves & help the others. Before the war, they had a peaceful life, a family, a job, & then their lives were suddenly turned upside down when the war took place.

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They lost their families, lost their jobs, even had no safe shelter lớn sleep at night. They have khổng lồ hide in ruined apartments, destroyed by bombs và your mission is khổng lồ vì everything they can to lớn survive sầu. During the day, you need to lớn divide the characters to different positions to lớn guard, watch out for the danger from soldiers, or the destruction of bombs. However, it is not all the difficulties you face. You also have khổng lồ find food, medicine, và all the necessary items lớn maintain life for yourself và your teammates. You have sầu to lớn do everything to lớn be able to survive sầu, even to kill the survivors you don’t know otherwise.


You may think, the enemies will leave sầu you alone when night falls, and you can relax. But things are not really lượt thích that. If you are không tính phí to act in the daytime, observe all the things happening around you, và find the source of food, or the tools you need to maintain your life, when night falls, every danger really starts. You can’t know in the other night, what’s going on, bombs, army scouts, or even sniper assassins. They are hiding somewhere, and you just need an opening, revealing your act, you can be killed at any time. It can be said that the survival of this game is best shown when night falls.

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The meaning

This War of Mine shows you that, in the war, there were not only fierce confrontations, displaying armed forces, not everyone was soldiers with guns in their hands và on the battlefield. But somewhere out there, amid the destruction of war, there are innocent people, trapped in the middle of a fight. They have khổng lồ face danger, with bombs, hunger, and sickness.

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They live miserably, looking for each piece of food left in the crumbling places, each piece of shirt, blanket to lớn fight the cold in the middle of the night, each dose of medicine to lớn fight the diseases that are hidden in them , when inhaling the smell of gunpowder, & the radioactive contamination of the bomb. Horror obsession, suffering is always present in their minds. This War of Mine is like a work of art, which speaks of the fate of people in war, causing us to reflect on war crimes, creating great loss: relatives, families, và all the generous things they have sầu ever had.



This War of Mine is highly appreciated in graphics when many players give sầu good comments in the section. It is a perfect combination of trắng & blaông chồng colors, highlight the scene that the war brings: gloomy, chaotic & fierce. You will enjoy the artwork with the lead drawing of the designer: the ruined landscape of buildings, bullet marks, bombs, & corpses everywhere, giving the player emotional liên hệ. An impressive sầu game like This War of Mine that is missed is really wasteful. Don’t miss the chance to lớn experience war with a new perspective!