Subject To Something

A later paragraph of the same article repeated it, except it used subjected to instead of subject to.

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I have sầu rarely seen the use of subjected to before. Is it legitimate in as well? Why didn’t the author just keep it consistent by using subject to throughout the article? Does using varieties of forms enrich the expressions within an article?



I"ve sầu always understood them to lớn have sầu somewhat different meaning.

<...> employees are subject to testing <...>

Means that at any time they could be required to lớn be tested.

On the other hand,

<...> employees are subjected to testing <...>

would mean the employees are actually put through the testing.

Quiông xã summary:Subject khổng lồ = might happenSubjected lớn = did or will happen



Generally, subject to (subject in this case is an adjective) is most commonly used in the following ways:

having a tendency for something

This road is subject to flooding.

conditional upon

Your business plan is subject to đánh giá. The promotion is subject to our terms & conditions.

Subjected to is used khổng lồ mean "to be made khổng lồ undergo an unpleasant experience":

Sadly, immigrants are subjected to verbal and emotional abuse in many parts of the country.

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Triathletes are subjected to extreme physical demands.

Emperor Penguins are subjected to the severe cold of Antarctic winters.


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"subjected to" means that an act was actually performed."subject to" means that the legal situation allows the act khổng lồ be performed on them.So it could be that the article is pointing out that it is allowed for the test lớn occur, & then later the test actually took place.

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I would regard "are subject khổng lồ testing" as meaning that such testing is a condition of employment & may happen, but "are subjected khổng lồ testing" as meaning that such testing happens & perhaps when it happens is an imposition.

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“To be subjected to” is lớn be caused to experience the thing. The experience definitely occurs.

“To be subject to” is khổng lồ be likely khổng lồ be caused khổng lồ experience the thing. The experience can occur, but it is not definite.

If you are subject to search, you are at risk of being searched. But if you are subjected to tìm kiếm, you are, in fact, searched.

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