At/on/to the left?

Third aisle on the left.The performance is just there on the left.It should be about a quarter of the way down on the left.Suit operations is on the left.Down the hall, second door on the left.The kid on the left is Wally.First floor, corridor on the left.

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What is the difference? Is it alright to say "My problem is in the left side (of the neck). There is a nodule in the left side" ? Thank you. scouseland, Aquảng cáo 11, 2011.Sharp pain in the left side of head are among the more comtháng reasons people seek medical care. The causes range from benign lớn serious & potentially life ...Nancy – chest pain in the left upper side of the chest needs khổng lồ be evaluated. ..... I" m having pains in the left side of my chest và it hurts in my arm a little and the ...Mar 19, năm ngoái ...

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NCCP.. is usually accompanied by a burning behind your breastbone & may not be as present in the left arm as cardiac pain is. Esophageal ...

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turn on the left or turn left? It"s on the street on the left or It"s on the street next? the one on the left or the one lớn the left? left or the left? girl in the left or girl on the left? is on the left or is left wing?

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