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When children attend khổng lồ the input & repeatedly attempt lớn parse it, their performance undergoes a qualitative change.

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Either the grapheme that is doubled is replaced by another grapheme, which then undergoes doubling, or the doubling feature itself is misordered.
This chapter is particularly interesting for the detailed case studies that follow, which illustrate the changes that children"s phonological systems undergo during treatment.
The first aspect is phonological và relates directly lớn the asser tion that the inser ted lexeme should undergo a minimum of adjustment.
These are anxiety, găng tay, pain &, more specifically, dibao tay due lớn the particular treatments that children are undergoing.
Seeds are conditionally dormant at maturity, and undergo annual non-dormancy/conditional dormancy cycles when buried outdoors.
Along the way, we gain detailed insights inkhổng lồ the changes that proofs undergo during cut elimination in the presence of weakening và contraction.
A real understanding of such issues is impossible without first having a firm foundation in the history of the economies that are undergoing these transitions.
Apart from these intellectual developments, archaeology has also undergone in the previous decades dramatic changes in terms of its social and political embeddedness.
Some described how they were able to fall asleep while undergoing chemotherapy; others utilized alternative therapies khổng lồ alleviate găng tay and treatment side effects.

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