Under control là gì

under control

1. In a state in which the elements of a situation are functioning or occurring as they are desired or required; managed or handled such that the desired conditions continue. The babysitter said that the kids are already in bed và that everything is under control. That leak still isn"t under control. We really ought khổng lồ Điện thoại tư vấn a plumber.2. Subject to lớn one"s authority, force, or influence. In this usage, a possessive pronoun can be used between "under" & "control." I"m not under your control—I"ll vì as I like! She has fought long và hard to get the company baông chồng under her control. Now that the region is under the dictator"s control, many fear for the safety of its citizens.See also: control

*under control

Fig. manageable; restrained & controlled; not out of control. (*Typically: be ~; bring someone or something ~; get someone or something ~; have sầu someone or something ~; keep someone or something ~.) We finally got things under control & functioning smoothly. The doctor felt she had the disease under control & that I would get well soon.See also: controlSee also:

under control

under authority;under restraint 在…控制之下They have got flood waters under control.他们已使泛滥的洪水受到了控制。I noticed that my legs are not well under control.我发觉我的两条腿不听使唤。

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