The world"s most complete 3D rendering software for high-kết thúc visualization và production.

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Award-winning rendering giải pháp công nghệ for any project.

For truly photorealistic renders, you want a raytracer that’s built for unique, optimized for tốc độ, và ready to scale. V-Ray gives you the power lớn work with lightning-fast interactive and heavyweight production rendering—all while getting the most from your CPU and GPU hardware.

Built khổng lồ handle your toughest scenes.

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When you’re working with the biggest scene you’ve sầu ever seen, you need a renderer that won’t let you down. Billions of polygons? Thousands of lights? V-Ray can handle it all. Render anything and everything with V-Ray. Adaptive Lights, Proxy Objects, Distributed Rendering — an arsenal of production-proven features when you need them.See all features >

Post-process your renders without the need of a separate tool.

V-Ray equips you with a complete set of lighting, shading, và rendering tools—all integrated with 3ds Max. The redesigned V-Ray Frame buffer with light mixing & layered compositing means you only need khổng lồ use one tool for more than just rendering — no need lớn go bachồng & forth between different apps.See what"s new >


Create interactive experiences in real-time — in a 100% raytraced environment.

Present your ideas in 100% ray-traced chất lượng without the need of extra optimizations & conversions. Make project changes directly in 3ds Max & validate your designs on the spot.Learn more about Chaos Vantage >

Work seamlessly with other software.

V-Ray is compatible with all the most popular 3ds Max plugins — Substance, Forest Pachồng, Railclone, Ornatrix, Tyflow, Phoenix, and more. V-Ray is also the perfect fit for any pipeline with tư vấn for open standards such as Alembic, OSL, OpenColorIO, and now ACEScg.