Vulnerable Nghĩa Là Gì

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In other words, field agricultural production systems are more vulnerable lớn rainfall variability than garden production.
Even governments that should be policy-dominated by a single party turn out khổng lồ be vulnerable to policy differences ahy vọng coalition members.
The following sections of the paper seek lớn specify the principal dimensions of reserve aý muốn older people and the groups that are most vulnerable.
We will see that all retìm kiếm populations are potentially vulnerable and in need of special protection.
Conversely, where governments" incentives are at odds with developmental imperatives, policymaking và implementation are vulnerable to economically damaging political opportunism.
As we shall see shortly, it is the egalitarian relational clayên ổn that renders egalitarianism vulnerable lớn the levelling down objection.
In fact, elderly migrants appear to be much more vulnerable lớn poverty than elderly citizens in several countries.
The report describes the development of the project and lessons, which may help others seeking khổng lồ coordinate care for vulnerable elderly people.
The problem is most serious in the poorest areas và among muốn the most vulnerable young people, especially those in care and those excluded from school.
This may be better articulated as a value base that positively discriminates on behalf of all persons who are vulnerable.
The vulnerable properties of children"s acquisition under conditions of impairment should not override recognition of the resistant properties their acquisition capađô thị also exhibits.
Where established, such bodies are mostly alien khổng lồ existing local practices, fail to lớn involve local stakeholders or effectively marginalise the most vulnerable stakeholders.

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Because of lower compliance rates, the second study may have been more vulnerable lớn bias in excluding more ill relatives from direct interview.
Parasite-induced alterations in both appearance & behaviour concur khổng lồ render infected gammarids more vulnerable khổng lồ predation, thus promoting parasite transmission.
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