Wake Up Và Get Up

Wake upGet up have different meanings so they cannot be exchanged without a difference in meaning.

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Wake up

Wake up = to lớn stop sleeping & open your eyes.

When your alarm clochồng goes off in the morning you wake up because you are no longer sleeping.

You can wake up naturally (you body doesn"t need khổng lồ sleep any more) or something or someone can wake you up such as an alarm cloông xã or a frikết thúc (or dog) jumping on your bed.

Wake up is a phrasal verb so only the first part, the verb, changes according lớn the tense.

Example sentences of Wake up:

Why am I still tired when I wake up? My alarm clock rang and I woke up immediately. When she woke up, she no longer had a headabịt. Let"s have the surprise ready before he wakes up. I hope she wakes up soon, we have sầu to lớn go.

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To Wake (someone) up = To cause someone to stop sleeping.

The person that is being woken up (the object) is placed between the words WakeUp. Often an object pronoun is used instead of the noun (or name).

Example sentences of Wake (someone) up:

The sound of the baby crying woke me up. A loud noise outside her bedroom window woke her up. John woke his frikết thúc up by throwing a bucket of water on hyên. A strong earthquake woke us up.

Get up

Get up = khổng lồ get out of bed (usually to lớn start your day).

Get up can also mean: To go from a lying position onto your feet.

Example sentences of Get up:

I first thing I vày when I get up is go to lớn the nhà vệ sinh. This morning I got up earlier than normal. I got up in the middle of the night to lớn find myself another blanket because I was cold. I wake up around 7 o"clock but I don"t get up until around 8. I lượt thích khổng lồ lie in bed reading before I start my day.

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