I live in the UK & I mostly hear people saying Don"t you...

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, but some people say: Do you not...? What is the difference and which one is more correct?

You can put any example really. Something like:

Do you not like to lớn come khổng lồ school with me? Don"t you like to lớn come to school with me?



Both are correct. What was originally just a contraction of "do not" has become a word in itself, and can now be placed where the two separate words can"t.

Both "Don"t you..." và "Do you not..." are correct, but you can"t re-expvà "Don"t you..." into lớn "Do not you...".

The meaning of the two are the same, but "Do you not..." is considered more formal in some situations.


This is simple present tense and an interrogative sầu sentence.

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Grammatically correct sentence structure for this is - (Do or Does + Subject + not + Verb + ...?).

Therefore, "Don"t you?" has been considered as informal as well as incorrect.

And "Do you not?" is totally correct.


"Don"t you like lớn come lớn school with me?" is a negative sầu imperative sentence. It implies: "You want khổng lồ come with me. Don"t you?"

"Do you not lượt thích to lớn come with me?" is more of a question either the audience wants to lớn come with you or what ... I"m not sure about this one.


"Do you not" is a self contradiction. It is the same as saying "bởi vì you" & "but you don"t". It is completely redundant verbosity, which is a very comtháng notion in British nayaritas.net vocabulary.

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